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Table of Contents

6. Troubleshooting

As you learn and explore our device, you may encounter some hiccups along the way. We hope to extend our full Technical support and guidance. We have listed out some of the common issues you may come across. Do send in your queries to All your queries will be addressed within 24 hours.

Note: This section will be updated constantly.

* Is the COM PORT of the device is not detected ?– You can unplug the USB cable from PC and plug it again.
– Try changing the USB cable.
– Check whether RED LED is glowing which is for power indication.
– Try installing the USB Drivers required.
* If there are difficulties while uploading the firmware to the board ?– Check whether the power switch on-oard is turned ON.
– Select the correct COM port and Board selection in Arduino IDE -> tools.
– Check for the latest version of Arduino IDE and ESP-IDF with all drivers installed.
– Download and upload the latest firmware from Github.
* What if you don’t find the BLE device?– Check if your mobile device supports BLE.
– Check whether the device is within the prescribed BLE range.
– Allow the application to turn BLE ON in your device.
– Check whether the device is advertising or not.
– Look for Yellow LED blinking for BLE advertising indication.
* Is the Web page not loading?– Check whether spiffs is uploaded.
– Ensure that the data folder contains all the required files.
– Ensure that the data folder is in the same folder as the .ino file.
– Check whether the system is connected to Healthypi_v4, if the board is in SoftAP mode.
– Check whether the system is connected to the same WiFi network as the one that was added using ‘Network Credentials’ webpage.
* Want to switch from Webserver mode to V3 mode or BLE mode but slide switch is already in the respective position?– Restart the device, it begins to function in the default mode based on slide switch position.
* What if SPIFFS is not uploading?– Check whether serial monitor is opened, if opened close it and upload spiffs.
– Try uploading once again.
* What if webpage is not loaded while using MDNS (healthypi.local)?– Try connecting using MDNS once again or else use the IP address
* What need to be done incase of a brownout reset?– Check if the power supply is in fault condition.
– Make sure that the power supply is sufficient during chip operation, connect the battery to the board.
* Getting error, “No such file or directory”.– Check in the Tools option, that the board is selected as Esp32 Dev Module.
– Make sure that the library files are included.
* Getting the error, “Sketch too big, Error compiling for board ESP32 Dev Module”.– Check Partition Scheme option in Tools. Select Minimal SPIFFS(1.9MB APP with OTA/190KB SPIFFS).
* What if OTA update freezes?– Click on the OTA Update button again it continues updating from where it stops.
– Check the network connection.
* What if on opening the GUI, the screen is blank and no waveform is plotted?– Check the HealthyPi board connection. If the firmware is outdated or corrupted, reload it.
– Healthy Pi board communicates with Raspberry Pi OSM serial interface, ensure the serial lines are free.
* What if the signal quality is bad or the vitals are incorrect?– Remove the AC adapter from the laptop, as it adds to the noise.
– Check the Sensor connections.
– The sensors need to be securely attached to the body.
* Getting the error, “WebServer.h: No such file or directory error”.-Install the latest Arduino IDE version from Official Arduino website
* Getting the error, “Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet header”.– Check whether the power switch is turned on.
– Ensure the correct COM port and board is selected.
– Try uploading the firmware once again.
* Not able to find ESP32 board package in board manager?– Make sure to add Additional board manager urls in File->preferences. Then Restart Arduino IDE.
– Check for the latest version of Arduino IDE.
* Is the board restarting regularly?– It may be due to power insufficient, check whether the battery is connected.
* Is the file updation aborted, when updating file in webserver?– Check the network connection.
– Upload the firmware again and make sure the connection should be good enough while updating the file.
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