We attempt to answer any frequently asked questions you have regarding your order, shipping or anything else. If you don’t see you question answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@protocentral.com.


How do I pay for an order?

All payments are processed through our service provider(s).

Wherever you order from, all orders would use only the Indian Rupee (INR) as the payment currency. We provide a currency selection on the hompage for showing all prices in the requested currency, but your transaction will be made only in INR. Currency convertions would be subject to fluctuations. 

How do I ensure payment security?

All payments are processed by our service provider(s), an external payment gateway provider. No credit card information is stored on our servers.


Do you ship to all countries around the world?

Yes ! As of August 2014, we have started shipping our orders internationally, wherever DHL delivers. For more information about our shipping policies, please check our Shipping Information Page

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

Only defective or damaged items can be replaced. If you happen to receive such an item, please let us know at sales@protocentral.com within 7 working days to receive return authorization before you actually send anything back. Items received without a valid return authorization will not be accepted.