Adafruit Proto Cape Kit for Beagle Bone & Beagle Bone Black
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Adafruit Proto Cape Kit for Beagle Bone & Beagle Bone Black

Part No: AF-572

Rs. 1,150

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The “Cape” means that the PCB acts as an Add on to the Beaglebone or the Beagle Bone Black.

Add some circuitry to your Beagle Bone or Beagle Bone Black with our lovely Proto Cape. If you have a ‘Bone you need one of these! This PCB fits neatly on top of a Beagle Bone, without getting in the way of the Ethernet jack, and provides a breakout to both 46 pin headers – with individual numbering to keep them straight. We also threw down some strips to access the 5V and 3V power supplies as well as two SMT breakouts, one for SOIC-8’s and one for SOT-23’s.

Kit comes with a double-sided FR4 PCB and 3 sticks of header. You’ll need to place the header into the Beagle Bone and then solder the Proto Cape PCB in place, but its very easy and should take only 10 minutes max even for beginners. Beagle Bone is not included! We do have ‘Bones in the shop available for purchase separately.


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