MAMBA MAX Pro Extreme 1:10 scale combo with NEU-Castle 1406-4600kV motor

This product has been discontinued.

This pack comes with a powerful combination of motors from the series of products that Castle creations has to offer.

Sensorless or Sensored and Ready to R.O.A.R.

Mamba Max Pro is our extreme 1:10 brushless ESC capable of operating at up to 6S, with a 3.5A Peak BEC, and featuring SMARTSENSE„¢ operation. SmartSense uses the motor sensors to start the motor and then it switches over to Castles ultra powerful and efficient dynamic sensorless mode which boosts motor efficiency, so your motor produces more power and less heat. Sensored Only mode runs sensored motors using sensored timing only.

C.H.E.A.T. Mode (Castle High Energy Advanced Timing)
This mode allows users to electronically advance their sensored motors timing to extreme settings. This can often yield that extra bit of power needed to win the race. But remember, extra power equals extra motor heat.

The difference between Sensored and Sensorless
Castles Sensorless controllers offer best in class start up and braking which are fine for most users. Sensored-only motor operation cannot deliver maximum efficiency. Sensors are terribly inaccurate for motor timing purposes as the motors magnetic fields change under load or at speed; thats where Sensorless operation shines. Sensorless is also just more dependable. There are fewer wires and connections that need to survive the incredibly rough treatment most RC vehicles endure. The racing worlds rules require Sensored motors, and they can offer slightly better start up and braking performance. Mamba Max Pro offers the ultimate in flexibility: use it with all your 1:10 motors – sensored or sensorless.

Mamba Max Pro is approved for R.O.A.R. racing with firmware version 1.26.

This combo includes a Mamba Max Pro ESC and Neu-Castle 1406-4600Kv motor.


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