ProtoSnap – LilyPad E-Sewing Kit
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ProtoSnap – LilyPad E-Sewing Kit

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Rs. 1,335

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The ProtoSnap series is a new way to prototype your project without a breadboard. Everything is wired together on a single board, which makes it easy to explore the possibilities of the components before snapping them apart and building them into your project.

The ProtoSnap E-Sewing Kit pairs a LilyPad coin cell breakout board with a switch, a button, and five LEDs. It comes pre-wired so you can plug in a battery and use the switch and button to turn the LEDs on and off. Once youve mastered using the board together, break off the individual components and use them just like you would with their normal LilyPad counterparts.

The ProtoSnap E-Sewing Kit now includes a battery so you can start your project as soon as you open the box!

Note: We have noticed variations in hole spacing that can make the individual pieces hard to snap apart. If you have trouble snapping the pieces by hand a pair of scissors or wire snippers work like a charm.

Included in the panel:


Included with the Kit:





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