WS2812B/WS2811 Addressable RGB LED controller
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WS2812B/WS2811 Addressable RGB LED controller

Part No: PC-41298/LS1

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This controller is used to change the pattern of the LED strip lights.

This is a simple controller for our popular WS2812B addressable RGB strips. It includes an RF remote controller that can switch between numerous patterns. 

This includes a very small inline controller to which you plug-in a DC power adapter (5V only) on one side and the WS2812B strip(s) on the other side. All control is made only by the RF remote controller.

Note: Each meter of a 1m long 30 LEDs/m strip consumes approximately 1 A of current at 5V, so make sure you provide suitable input power. Please look below for appropriate DC Adapters.

Kit includes

  • 1x RGB LED Controller with RF receiver
  • 1x RF Remote Controller


  • Simple to use: just plug in suitable power and a compatible RGB LED Strip
  • Control upto 2048 individual LEDs !
  • About 300 different patterns available
  • Very small inline controller (29x12x3mm)
  • Handheld RF remote controller with a 50m wireless range


Protocentral Electronics


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