For Education

Is there an educational discount?

Glad you asked! Yes, there is a discount we offer for educational institutions, educators and students. We would require some kind of ID to prove this. Once verified, we can set up a discount on your ProtoCentral account. Please write to for further details.

Educational Support

Getting the “Maker mindset” into the Indian educational system has been one of the major goals of ProtoCentral. We can help your institution by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to get started in this direction. 

Educational Products

ProtoCentral carries a number of educational electronics products. Simple ones such as the Makey Makey allows kids and adults alike to understand electronics concepts while having fun:

Lab equipment and setting up labs/makerspaces

Thinking about setting up a hardware lab or makerspace in your institution or organization? We can help !!

A makerspace/workshop would be beneficial is enabling students to “try-out” stuff that would help them enrich and add more value to their education.