ProtoCentral VL53L0X Laser ToF sensor breakout

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ST’s VL53L0X is a 940 nm Laser source and a detector built in to the same chip. The result is a high accuracy Laser ranging sensor. 

This breakout board (along with the Arduino libraries) from ProtoCentral make it easier to do quick prototypes for applications that require precision ranging. Applications include obstacle detection and gesture recognition, among others. We have even used these for non-invasive liquid level detection. 

This device is a Class 1 Laser device, so is classified “Eye-safe”, meaning it will not burn your corneas out !

This board can also work with a Raspberry Pi. Check out this code from svanimiswetti (


  • 940 nm VCSEL laser including driver
  • Integrated Avalanche Photodiode
  • Maximum ranging distance of up to 2 m
  • High immunity to ambient light