Lilypad USB Plus
Lilypad USB Plus
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Lilypad USB Plus

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The Lilypad e- textile technology is a wearable platform that was designed by Leah Buechley in collaboration with Sparkfun. Their line of products are exclusively used as wearables that come in a range of products such as leds, Lilypad Arduino microcontrollers, other sensors like accelerometer and light etc to name a few.

The Lilypad USB plus is a microcontroller board that is controlled by the ATmega32U4 with the Arduino bootloader. It consists of an RGB led along with 6 white LEDs that are to act as a bar graph.

Along the rim, you have 14 slots that makes the board sewable onto fabrics.Out of whic 10 are for I/O pins (Input/Output) and the other 4 are for sensor and accessory board plugins. What makes this interesting is that you need not use any external power supply for any of your sewable projects.

The board has an inbuilt power supply via the JST connector port for easy plugin of your battery. On the other side you have the USB port that is used for programming this board. You can use it along with a variety of other sensors in the Lilypad series for your own sewable projects. Do note they are even washable, which means that they are ideal to be used on fabrics by also maintaining the quality of the fabric.

Please be aware that the Lilypad USB Plus is NOT supported on Windows 7/8 due to a lack of support drivers for those specific OS’s.


  • USB port for connecting to a computer.

  • Two sets of power (+) and ground (-) sew tabs.

  • Built-in RGB LED attached to pins 12 (R), 13 (G), and 14 (B).

  • A row of six white LEDs attached to pins 15-20.

  • Charging circuit for single-cell (3.7V) Lithium-Polymer batteries.



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