ProtoCentral AFE4490 Pulse Oximeter Shield for Arduino – v2

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This item: ProtoCentral AFE4490 Pulse Oximeter Shield for Arduino - v2
Rs. 5,995.00
Rs. 5,995.00
1 × Genuine Arduino Uno R3

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Measuring SpO2 aka Specific Oxygen levels in blood has never been so easy! With the new AFE4490 IC our shield does an amazing job of measuring heart rate as well as SpO2 values.

Pulse Oximetry is an indirect method of measuring the oxygen levels in the blood. The sensor measures the amount of red and IR light wavelengths absorbed by blood to calculate the oxygen levels in blood. The measurement is done by a probe that clips on to a finger and contains emitters as well as a light sensor. For more information on how exactly Pulse Oximetry works, check this out here. Since the amount of blood flowing through any blood vessel varies (pulses) with the rate of blood from the heart, this can also be used for measuring heartrate without the need for connecting any ECG electrodes.

Important Note: This is only a prototyping board meant for the design and evaluation of SpO2 and is not meant to be used as a medical diagnostic device.


  • Set of stackable Arduino headers-1
  • “Nellcor compatible” Pulse oximetry finger probe-1


  • TI AFE4400 Single chip pulse pulsoximetry front-end IC
  • Standard Nellcor compatible DB9 connector for probe
  • Calculates Spo2 values with provided code
  • Real-time display of PPG (Photoplethysmogram)


Schematics, designs and software including Arduino libraries can be downloaded from Github: