ProtoPi-T v2 GPIO Breakout with USB Serial Access for Raspberry Pi

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ProtoPi T with USB Serial Access not only allows you to play around with the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi 3 or 2, but also provides access to the Pi’s serial terminal.

When you buy a Raspberry Pi or a Raspberry Pi kit, the problem many people face is getting it to work, for which you need some kind of monitor or TV. This is inconvenient, especially for embedded or IOT applications, which is why we’ve included an FTDI USB onboard the ProtoPi which has direct access to the Serial terminal (which is enabled by default on the Raspberry Pi running Raspbian).

The new version 2 of the ProtoPi-T includes an LED connected to PGIO pin 13 of the Raspberry Pi, allowing you to quickly get started with how to glow an LED using the Raspberry Pi.

The unique T-shaped design allows for maximum space utilisation of the breadboard. 


  • Features a T-shape for saving space on the breadboard
  • FTDI USB-UART Raspberry Pi Serial terminal access port
  • Contains an onboard LED connected to GPIO number 13 of the Raspberry Pi
  • Includes GPIO ribbon cable


  • 1x ProtoPi-T with USB Serial Access Breakout board with soldered headers
  • 1x 40 pin GPIO ribbon cable
  • 1x microUSB cable