ProtoCentral MAX30003 Single-lead ECG Breakout Board

Retired. This product has been replaced by a newer version You may be interested in:

ProtoCentral MAX30003 Single-lead ECG Breakout Board – v2
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Update: This is the new version of the board, it’s black and now got a 1.8V regulator for low voltage operation.

MAX30003 is a single-lead ECG monitoring IC which has built-in R-R detection and several other features that make it perfect for a wearable single-lead ECG application.

Several new features on this chip make it ideal for wearable applications. First is the low power consumption – just 85 uW of power and can work from 1.1 V onwards ! Also of interest is the fact that it can work with only two chest electrodes without the need for a third right-leg drive (DRL) electrode.

The best feature of this chip though is the built-in R-R detection algorithm which can measure the time between successive peaks of the QRS complex of the ECG. This means that heart-computation comes right out of the box without any microcontroller-side code requirement. Heart-rate computation just got a lot easier !!

Note: This is a not a medical certified device nor is it intended to be used as one. While this product has the potential to work as a full-fledged patient monitor, careful calibration has to be performed and safety precautions need to be taken. We recommend usage only with a battery power source or an isolated source.


Download the latest Arduino code and GUI here

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  • MAX30003 IC on-board
  • Single-lead ECG monitoring (only two electrodes !!)
  • R-R peak detection for heart rate computation (using Pan-Tompkins Algorithm)
  • High DC Offset range (excellent tolerance to motion artifacts)
  • On-board level translator for 5V-tolerant operation
  • On-board low-noise 3.3V voltage regulator


  • ProtoCentral MAX30003 Breakout board
  • Straight pin headers
  • 2-electrode ECG connector with stereo jack
  • 10x disposable ECG stick-on electrodes




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