ProtoCentral MAX30003 Single-lead ECG Breakout Board – v2

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This item: ProtoCentral MAX30003 Single-lead ECG Breakout Board - v2
Rs. 3,495.00
Rs. 3,495.00
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Update: This is the new version 2 and is in white. The 32 KHz clock oscillator chip is on the board itself, eliminating the need for an additional channel generated by the microcontroller.

MAX30003 is a single lead ECG front-end chip that has an inbuilt function for heart rate detection (R-R detection). This  makes it perfectly suited for any wearable application that can detect the ECG signals of the heart.

So what makes it perfect for most wearable applications is that there is low power consumption ie. just 85 uW of power and can work from 1.1v. Also for the fact that you do not need three electrodes and can very well do without the third leg (Black). This device becomes ideal for clinical as well as any fitness applications. Heart rate stands for the number of times the heart pumps blood per minute. Keeping this in mind the chips is designed to measure the R-R detection between two successive peaks in the QRS complex of the ECG. The board is a easy to use device that does not require any kind of microcontroller to aid in Heart rate computation.

Note: This is a not a medical certified device nor is it intended to be used as one. While this product has the potential to work as a full-fledged patient monitor, careful calibration has to be performed and safety precautions need to be taken. We recommend usage only with a battery power source or an isolated source.

Download the latest Arduino code and GUI here

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  • MAX30003 ECG frontend chip
  • Single-lead ECG monitoring (only two electrodes !!)
  • R-R peak detection for heart rate computation (using Pan-Tompkins Algorithm)
  • On-board 32 KHz clock oscillator for ADC clock
  • High DC Offset range (excellent tolerance to motion artifacts)
  • On-board level translator for 5V-tolerant operation
  • On-board low-noise 3.3V voltage regulator


  • ProtoCentral MAX30003 Breakout board v2
  • Straight pin headers
  • 2-electrode ECG connector with stereo jack
  • 10x disposable ECG stick-on electrodes