ProtoCentral MAX30001 ECG and Respiration/Bio-Impedance Breakout Kit
ProtoCentral MAX30001 ECG and Respiration/Bio-Impedance Breakout Kit
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ProtoCentral MAX30001 ECG and Respiration/Bio-Impedance Breakout Kit

Part Number: PC-MED-0307


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MAX30001 is a single-channel integrated front-end chip that combines biopotential and bioimpedance channels to provide electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms and respiration measurements. This means that you can use this to monitor ECG and respiration. It has heart rate detection (R-R detection) and pace detection built in.


  • MAX30001 single channel integrated front-end (AFE) chip
  • Single-lead ECG monitoring ( three electrodes, optional right leg drive)
  • Capable of measuring respiration
  • Clinical-Grade ECG and BioZ AFE with High Resolution
  • Inbuilt R-R detection and Pace detection
  • Flexibility for 2 or 3 electrode measurements
  • ADC Resolution is 18 bits 
  • High DC Offset range of ±650mV(excellent tolerance to motion artifacts)
  • Onboard 3.3V voltage regulator for low noise.
  • Onboard logic level translators for Arduino interface.
  • Works with ProtoCentral’s OpenView Unified visualization application

This board is similar to our ADS1292R breakout board, but due to long-term production issues, the ADS1292R chip is in short supply, while this one is available and ready to ship !


If you’re thinking about creating your own wearable application, the MAX30001 might be the perfect fit. It has a low power consumption of only 85 uW at 1.1V and can deliver ECG and measure respiration. Also for the fact that you do not need three electrodes and can very well do without the third leg (Black). With a Single-Channel that Integrates Biopotential and Bioimpedance, the board can be combined with a wide range of applications.


Download the latest Arduino library

Check out our GITHUB REPO

Important Notice: This device is NOT intended to be used in/as medical diagnostic equipment. This is intended to be used solely for evaluation and research purposes only. 

Safety Warning: Take precautions while connecting the electrodes to the body when the Arduino is plugged into your computer’s USB port. Make sure that your laptop’s main power is disconnected so that you don’t provide a direct connection between ground and your body !


  • ProtoCentral MAX30001 ECG and Respiration/Bio-Impedance Breakout Board
  • Straight pin headers
  • 2-electrode ECG connector with stereo jack
  • 10x disposable ECG stick-on electrodes



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