HealthyPi v4.4 Complete Kit – Slim Edition (includes Raspberry Pi + touchscreen display)
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HealthyPi v4.4 Complete Kit – Slim Edition (includes Raspberry Pi + touchscreen display)

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We’ve received feedback from many customers that they love the HealthyPi complete kit, but also need something that is fully enclosed, ready for the field. We listened and this is the result. A very slim, portable, enclosed version of the HealthyPi Complete Kit.

This Ready to go out-of-the-box kit includes all the components required including a HealthyPi v4 HAT kit (with sensors)Raspberry Pi 4 B, a 7″ Raspberry Pi official touchscreen display in a Multicomp Raspberry Pi 4 Touchscreen Display Case (modified for use with HealthyPi) , pre-inserted microSD card preloaded with Raspbian + HealthyPi GUI application, and a medical-grade isolated USB power adapter.

If you are looking only for the HAT kit to use with your own Raspberry Pi setup, please check out the HealthyPi v4 HAT Kit. HealthyPi v4 sets a new standard for mobility, wearability and wireless connectivity. By enabling continuous, real time monitoring of physiological data, it not only provides valuable insight into health and wellness indicators, it opens the door to areas of research that was not previously accessible.

Note: This kit comes fully pre-assembled. If you wish to remove the HealthyPi board or the Raspberry Pi board, be prepared to remove some screws to do this.

About HealthyPi

After running a successful Crowd-Supply campaign to get this off the ground, this is now available directly from ProtoCentral and also from Crowd Supply.


  • Microcontroller and wireless connectivity: ESP32, in WROOM32 module format, with a Dual-core Xtensa 32-bit CPU, 4 MB of on-board flash, Wi-Fi, and support for BLE
    • Wireless interface: Wi-Fi and Access Point (AP) modes, a 2.4 GHz radio with an on-board PCB antenna that is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and BLE
    • Firmware programming: Supports Arduino IDE as well as Espressif ESP-IDF
  • Sensors:
    • ECG and respiration front end: Texas Instruments (TI) ADS1292R 24-bit analog front end with signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 107 dB
    • Pulse oximetry front end: TI AFE4400 pulse oximetry front end with integrated LED driver and 22-bit ADC
    • Temperature sensor: Maxim MAX30205 digital body temperature sensor for monitoring skin temperature
  • Form factor: Raspberry Pi HAT form factor (65 mm X 56 mm)

Whats included:

Healthy Pi v4 Complete Kit includes:

  • HealthyPi v4 HAT fully-assembled PCB
  • Three-electrode ECG/Respiration cable with button connectors on one end and stereo connector on the other end
  • Finger-clip SpO2 probe with Nellcor-compatible DB9 connector
  • Cable-mounted digital skin temperature sensor with stainless steel contacts
  • A sheet of 20 Single-use disposable ECG electrodes (Covidien Medi-Trace)
  • HAT mounting kit with headers and screws for stacking up the board with a Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi 4 2GB board
  • 16 GB microSD card with pre-loaded Raspbian and Healthy Pi software
  • Raspberry Pi official 7 touchscreen LCD displayed
  • Multicomp Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Touchscreen Display Case
  • 5 V/2.5 A isolated medical-grade USB wall power adapter (100-240 V AC)


Important Warning: Although this has all the features of a medical grade patient monitoring system, this does NOT have any certifications (FDA/CE/IEC) and is NOT approved for MEDICAL or diagnostic use. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety when using the device. Never power the device from a non-isolated power source.


Protocentral Electronics

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